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Nicotine Free in 30 Days: Step By Step Process

My name is Michael and I am going to explain how I quit smoking cigarettes (nicotine) in 30 days. To identify, I started smoking cigarettes when I was 12 years old--smoking a pack a day by the time I was 14. When I was 18 years old, my father died from throat cancer due to smoking. One would think I quit immediately after this life changing incident, but I kept smoking for the next 5 years--all through college. Then came the day, I was 23 years old and was shoveling dirt in Maui with and older man, Walter--digging a hole for my grave is more like it. I was puffing away as I always did and Walter just stood there smirking while he watched me puff one cig after the other in disbelief. He took me aside and he told me that if I went 30 days without smoking, he would pay me $50. That was June 3rd, 2014 and I haven't found it necessary to use nicotine since. In case you're wondering whether or not Walter stuck to his promise, the answer is yes--he did indeed pay me that $50, but the freedom I have gained is priceless, and I am forever grateful to that man. Here are the steps I took and tools I created to get 30 days free from smoking.


In order to quit smoking I had to get ready. For example, if one decides to go camping, then they have prepare for it and more importantly PICK A DATE.

  1. Pick a Date: It can be any date, but the most important thing is that you pick one and you write it down.

  2. Once you have your date picked, then I suggest you WRITE DOWN the FOLLOWING ITEMS / TOOLS:

    1. Favorite Pack of Gum: Make sure you buy a few packs - you're going to need them

      1. Winter Fresh, Double Mint, Juicy Fruit, Trident, etc...

    2. Favorite beverage (non alcohol): ex: Pellegrino, Perrier, Juice, Water, La Croix, etc... I prefer the bubbly water because the sensation on your throat is great to give you relief when you're craving nicotine

    3. Buy Groceries for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner: lean towards healthy foods and healthy snacks. Eggs, Toast, Fruit, Salad, Chicken, Rice, Beans, Steak, Tofu, Yogurt, Veggies (anything that seems healthy and you will enjoy cooking and eating). Try to purchase groceries for a few days--maybe a week tops.

    4. Write Down Your Favorite Exercises Or Ones You Can Tolerate:

      1. Walking, Jogging, Swimming, Pilates, Yoga, Biking, Push ups and Sit Ups, TRX--whatever exercise you think you can manage to do or would like to try make sure you write it down. Smoking makes it feel like we're doing something physical when in reality all we are doing is standing there and sucking on smoke. So in order to break this habit we have to substitute an activity in our daily lives to stay busy and keep our mind off of the nicotine craving.

    5. Make a List of 3 People You Can Call Throughout The Day

      1. The important thing to remember is you're not doing this alone. Truth is there are a handful of people who would love to see you quit smoking, but the key is to pick 3 people you feel completely comfortable telling the truth with. Quitting nicotine is not an easy task to accomplish and there are going to be days where you are going to be a little frustrated and on edge. Therefore, its good to pick 3 people who you know will understand this frustration and who will be there to pick up the phone no matter what. It's also a great idea to reach out to these people and let them know what you're doing, why you're doing it, and the date you have chosen as your day


The time has come and you have reached day before the BIG DAY. The night before is a crucial moment. There is a lot of fear. Heck I had been smoking cigarettes for almost half my life so it felt like I was giving up my best friend. With that said, you have to be prepared. Go through your list that you have created and make sure you have all of the suggested items (and any other items that might come in handy for you - books to read, games to play, bubble bath soap, etc...). Then do the following...

  1. Find all of your Empty Packs, Vape Cartridges, Ash Trays, Lighters, Any Object That Has To Do with Nicotine and THROW THEM ALL AWAY

    1. It's a good idea to throw away all the items that might remind you of having a cigarette or buying a new pack. Whenever I saw an empty crushed up pack of Reds, it always sparked the though of buying a fresh pack of smokes. We have to crush this thought all together.

  2. Clean Your House / Room and Car

    1. Wipe off all of your tables, dresser, wash your clothes, clean your kitchen, and sweep / vacuum your floor. It is good to get your house in order to allow yourself to wake up in a fresh environment.

  3. Make Sure You Have Only 2 Cigarettes (Or A Little Vape Juice) Left For The End of The Night

    1. This is the big moment. It's the night before and you have 2 cigarettes left. What I want you to do is go outside and smoke the first cigarette. Enjoy it and smoke it like you normally smoke a cigarette. Then when that cigarette is finished, I want you to light up the second one immediately afterwards.

      1. Meditate with it and acknowledge that this is your last cigarette - Enjoy It.

      2. Ask the Universe or Energy of Life to help you let this be your last cigarette. Make a deal with yourself and focus on envisioning a World where you can breathe freely, with no pain, no cough, and your skin is cleared up, your teeth and mouth feel clean, and you feel free from the grips of having to always do something that is hurting you for a moment of relief. Then finish this cigarette and let it go.

  4. Wash Hands, Wash Face (Maybe Shower), Brush Teeth



  1. Wake Up, Shower, Cook / Eat Breakfast, Brush Teeth, and Then Go For Walk

    1. Try to eat a healthy breakfast that you cook yourself

    2. Brush your teeth and focus on your fresh breath

    3. Go for a walk and breathe deeply as you walk - use the action and air to help get your mind at ease

  2. Go To Work Or Do Your Next Indicated Plan for The Day

    1. Make sure you have your gum in your pocket

    2. You have your mini notebook and a pen in your pocket

    3. Have your list of 3 people to call ready to go

  3. Call One Or All 3 of The People On Your List

    1. Chances are they're not all going to answer so we keep calling the next one until someone answers

    2. Let them know how its going and tell them you're going to reach out to them whenever you have a craving

  4. When You Have A Craving

    1. Meditate with 10 deep breaths

    2. Chew on a piece of your favorite gum

    3. Pull out your notebook and pen and write down 5 positive things

    4. Hole pen in between fingers

    5. Call one of your friends

    6. Go for a walk

  5. When You Get Home At Night

    1. Go for a 1 to 2 mile run, jog, or walk (until you sweat and feel a burning sensation in your lungs)

    2. Cook a big, healthy dinner with the groceries you purchased. Stay away from greasy, fatty, and sugary foods (they're a reminder of smoking for us and we want to avoid this).

    3. Meditate for 5 to 10 minutes

    4. Call the people on your list

    5. Go for another walk or do some pushups and sit ups at home

    6. Read a book to pass the time

    7. Drink some of your favorite beverage you bought and eat some fruit for the healthy sugar

    8. GO TO BED


  1. Wake Up and Immediately Chug a Glass of Juice and/or Water

  2. Take a Shower

  3. Cook Breakfast: Eggs, Fruit, Greens, Toast, & Coffee (Make The Breakfast of Your Choice)

  4. Have Your Pen In Your Pocket and Your Little Notebook

    1. Write about the good times and good thoughts that come to your head. For example: times you might have gone hiking, hanging out with friends and watching movies, swimming, running with friends as a kid while playing tag - Write About The When You Were Able To Breath Freely - With No Pain

  5. Call Your Friends On Your List and Let Them Know How You're Feeling

  6. Go To Work Or Your Obligation For The Day

    1. If you don't have any activity to do for the day, then plan your day with activities to do to stay busy - shopping, hiking, exploring a different part of the city, going to the movies, meeting a friend or friends (who don't smoke) for lunch--anything that will be a fun activity that will help keep your mind occupied

  7. Every Hour (Set a Timer On Your Phone) Meditate With 10 Deep Breaths Without Fail

  8. Whenever You Have a Craving Make Sure You Chew On Your Favorite Piece Of Gum and Hold a Pen Between Your Fingers, Then Call One Of Your Friends

  9. Have a Healthy Lunch with Fruit and Salad as Either The Main or As The Side (Avoid Large Greasy Meals)

  10. Go Home And Run / Jog / Walk 1 to 3 Miles (Try To Get The Burning Sensation In Your Lungs And Throat)

  11. Eat A Big Healthy Dinner That You Cook On Your Own

  12. Either Go For Another Walk, Watch A Movie, Read A Book, Call Your Friends, Drink Water or Soda Water and Eat Fruit

  13. Take A Shower

  14. GO TO BED


Now that you have your routine down from Step 3 and Step 4, I want you to continue doing this routine from Step 4, but only focus on the day. Take each day moment by moment, and whenever you have a craving or a thought about smoking, I want you to chew a piece of gum, meditate with 10 breaths, call one of your friends, go for a walk, and write down 5 reasons why you're grateful for your breath or 5 positive things about your life.

The Key is to stay active and to keep busy. My father quit cigarettes the day he found out that he had throat cancer. It was like he stopped over night, but I knew it wasn't an easy thing to do. How? From experience. I, too, was stuck in the grip of nicotine - it was my master. He told me one thing though. Cigarettes are the one drug that make you think you're doing an activity when you aren't doing anything at all. The only way to combat this urge or craving is to replace it with some other activity. My father would take his dog, Hershey, for a walk every time he felt the craving to have a cigarette and he did this until the day he couldn't anymore. So if you're doubting that this thing will work for you, all I can say is that it worked for me, don't beat yourself up, and just try to take it one step at a time. If you slip and accidentally pick up a cigarette - DON'T BEAT YOURSELF UP. Just pick a new date and try it again. Trust me, if I can quit cigarettes, so can you.

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