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Hip Hop Artist: Off Da Map with Gilz


The Quiet Life


The Lethal Intent


The Lethal Intent



"What's up everybody! I'd like to thank you for checking out my tunes. "Gilz," (aka "The Lethal Intent") is a project that I started back in 2015. I started writing rhymes to get me through some dark periods in my life..and decided I wanted to share that with the World. I began performing in clubs and bars around Los Angeles, specifically the San Fernando Valley, in 2017. Eventually, with the support of some very good people in my life, I was inspired to work on and release my debut album, "The Lethal Intent." It was a labor of love that I spent almost a year working on directly, even making the majority of the beats for the album. Much of my inspiration comes from classic and underground rappers. From the hard, battle-style lyrics of Jedi Mind Tricks and Wu-Tang Clan, to the more personal and socially reflective lyrics of Atmosphere and Murs, I take inspiration from many sources. I've always been a fan of Anime and other artistic media, and I think it shows in my music. My music tends to be a mix of hardcore battle style lyrics and more personal stuff that highlights some of my own struggles that I've overcome. I want to make clear that this is merely music. "Gilz" is just a character and persona that I portray in my music and is not necessarily reflective of who I am as a person. Art can be a reflection of life, but it can also be something entirely different. I make music AS A FAN, FOR FANS OF THE ART OF HIP HOP. Pure and simple."

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